Ambassador Committee


To serve as the official hosts and goodwill representatives with the goal of developing a positive awareness of the Chamber resulting in the retention of existing members and the development of new members.

The Ambassadors meet the Thursday prior to the regularly scheduled Membership Meetings – typically the 1st Thursday of each month - from 8:00 am – 8:45 am at the Chamber.  Agenda items include reviews of the minutes of the prior meeting as well as of past and upcoming Chamber events including the three Leads Groups, monthly Membership Breakfasts/Lunches, monthly Free Networking events, and Grand Openings/Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies.  A list of new Chamber members is distributed and Ambassadors are assigned new members to welcome to the Chamber and make them aware of the benefits of being a Chamber member.

Roles & Responsibilities:     
Introduce New Members at Membership Breakfast/Lunch.
New Member Assignments
At the Ambassador meeting, the group discusses new members to be introduced and are assigned new member(s) to introduce at the next Membership Breakfast/Lunch.  Anyone in the group that should have a special reason as to why they would like to introduce someone simply puts in their request.  
Each Ambassador is to contact their new member that day via either e-mail, phone call or a personal visit to:
Welcome the new member and secure a brief bio (3-4 sentences max.).  
Inform the new member that their admission to their first Membership Breakfast/Lunch is free, but that any additional guests will be charged the non-member admission fee.  
Encourage the new member to donate a door prize for the Membership Breakfast/Lunch.  
NOTE:  A Sample Email is available to all Ambassadors to use.
When no response is received, Ambassador attempts a second and third time.  After the third time, the Ambassador no longer makes attempts and informs Lynn Sklar at the Chamber.
When a Bio is received, the Ambassador prints it to bring to the Membership Breakfast/Lunch and emails a copy to Lynn Sklar at the Chamber, who brings all printed bios to the Membership Breakfast/Lunch as a back-up.  
 Ambassadors arrive at the Membership Breakfast/Lunch 15 minutes early to greet their assigned new member.  
When their new member arrives, the Ambassador reserves a seat for the new member and the two sit together.  
Ambassador introduces new member to as many members as possible.  
Ambassador reads the new member bio during the New Member Introduction portion of the Membership Breakfast/Lunch.
 Ambassador distributes and discusses a list of all chamber opportunities such as the three Leads Group and Free Networking events to the new member and encourages them to get involved in one of the three leads groups provided by Lynn Sklar at the Chamber.
Greet guests at Membership Breakfast/Lunch.
All Ambassadors stand in the foyer to greet guests – no matter if they have a new member to introduce or not.
Attend Grand Openings/Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies.
Promote & Attend Chamber Events.

Handouts (such as minutes, orientation kit, follow up, etc.)
Ambassadors Meeting Agenda
Minutes from the prior Ambassadors Meeting
List of new members to introduce for next monthly meeting
Sample email to send to new member informing them of their introduction and request for bio.
Handout highlighting Chamber opportunities and events (Leads Groups, Free Networking, etc.) to be given to new member at Membership Breakfast/Lunch.

Active Ambassadors:
Doug Cohen
Donna Faul
Kari Geck
Candy Gray
Jerry Hert
Rev. Dr. David Massey
Stephanie Petrosky
Nancy Rappaport
Ina Kushner-Rentzer
Maureen Rutsky
Jay Weintraub

The chamber is always looking for new volunteers who are energetic, like meeting new people and are available to attend most meetings.



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