Message from the Mayor

Relax!  You’re in Plantation!  

What makes the “grass greener” in Plantation?  Simple.  It’s commitment on the part of Plantation Elected Officials and City staff to ensure that Plantation residents enjoy some of the finest recreational programs, facilities and parks in the State.  Our world class facilities – including the Plantation Equestrian Center, the Central Park Aquatics Complex, the Frank Veltri Tennis Center and Plantation Preserve Golf Course & Club – draw national and international visitors to our City and help support our local businesses.  

Annual events such as the Royal Egg Hunt, weekly Farmers Market, the Tinsel Town Cabaret, the Fourth of July parade and fireworks, Santa’s Visit and the Holiday parade and more, all bring residents, friends and families together and help make them feel connected to the community.  Our partnership with the Greater Plantation Chamber of Commerce helps promote awareness for many City businesses, schools and volunteer organizations, and provides opportunities for students to earn community service hours required to graduate.

The Plantation Preserve Golf Course & Club is one of the most beautiful, unique and challenging courses in Broward County.  It attracts professional tournaments such as the Miccosukee Nationwide Qualifier and the PGA Tour Second Stage Qualifier, along with 52,000 golfers a year.  It is a preferred location for weddings, baptisms and other family celebrations. The Everglades inspired wetlands and linear park provide safe haven for local wildlife and a learning experience for visitors.  

The Helen B. Hoffman Plantation Library and the Plantation Historical Museum hold community events that promote literacy for children, such as Poetry Under the Stars, the Teddy Bear Picnic, the Summer Reading Program, and youth story times.  The Historical Museum helps share Plantation’s rich past with its current population. Each year they present Winter Wonderland, an exhibit of over 30 trees decorated in a variety of themes.  Together, they help promote the wide variety of arts available in the City through the bi-annual Cultural Arts Expo.  

There is a real history and sense of community with Plantation.  I love that the same parks where many of us played, we can now take our children and grandchildren.  It is a source of pride to me that many of the kids who grew up in Plantation and moved away as college students or young adults, come back to Plantation when it’s time to raise their families.  While it continues to grow and evolve, providing new opportunities, there are beloved traditions that do not change, including the perennial favorites, the Independence Day Parade and Santa’s Visit on Christmas Eve.  

The parks, facilities, special events and recreation programs provided by the City of Plantation provide citizens, businesses and visitors a place to relax, compete, rejuvenate and grow.  They help create memories for the future, and connect us to our past.  Our City is committed to sustaining memories for future generations.

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